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Dry cutting, wet trimming, or both?

An additional important factor to consider when purchasing a beard trimmer is whether to go dry or wet.

Dry beard leaners

Dry beard trimming seems the a lot more prominent choice, because both corded as well as cordless leaner models have this capacity. One factor completely dry cutting is a much more prominent selection pertains to designing. A number of beard designs call for a delicate touch that includes mindful fading or blending. 

This level of styling is not quickly achieved while showering. Stray hairs also appear extra conveniently when dry, and trimming the lip and also jawline often requires a mirror for finest results. For those with more detailed beard layouts, a dry trimmer makes one of the most feeling.

Damp beard trimmers

A wet beard trimmer supplies a couple of benefits of its own. Some males favor to benefit from a shower's damp environment to shave as well as trim their face hair much more comfortably. There's much less of a requirement for shaving cream or other lubes, as well as the excess hairs are quickly washed away.

Wet cutting is excellent for those with uncomplicated beards of an uniform length. Merely running a trimmer with the proper blade guard comb or beard guide setup will certainly eliminate any undesirable density or roaming hairs.